The map we have on is missing new sub divisions, and doesn't show house numbers:

But on the OpenStreetMaps site, it does show new sub divisions and has house numbers:

Can you please advise how to go about having up to date maps with house numbers?

asked 06 Jan '20, 21:40

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VPC 2020
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The mapping on your site is served by Mapbox, who take OpenStreetMap data and resell it. You should contact them and ask them when they'll use the latest OSM data.

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answered 06 Jan '20, 22:53

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Richard ♦
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Thank you Richard for the prompt clarification, totally appreciative, I've made contact with Mapbox and will await their response, again thank you :)

(06 Jan '20, 23:12) VPC 2020

Some of the missing buildings were mapped a year ago (, I'm surprised that Mapbox serves data that old.

(07 Jan '20, 10:38) Vincent de P... ♦

MapBox stopped updating OSM data a long time ago. I think they never officially stated why. See . Better switch to a different tile provider. See for alternatives.

(07 Jan '20, 10:53) scai ♦
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