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New user here, I just had my house built this past summer, I’m trying to add it to the database because delivery drivers can never find it. Using the available layers, my house does not show up. It does on apple and google maps. I’m assuming I just need to wait for a new satellite shot. If I add a way around where I know my house is, will it still be possible to add it to the database? Or do I have to wait until the house is visible on the satellite base map?

asked 04 Jan '20, 23:34

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You don't have to wait.

To add the address, you could just add a point and tag that as a building, there doesn't need to be a way. If you can make a decent approximation, a way is also fine.

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answered 05 Jan '20, 01:01

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Adding to maxerickson's answer: If you have a GPS receiver or a smartphone with an appropriate free app, you can walk, bicycle or drive around the new, non-visible, streets and then use those tracks in an OSM editor to add the roads. Once the roads are in place, it should be pretty easy to local the position of your house and add a house node with the address information.

Before aerial imagery was available, that was basically how everything was put into OSM. It is just easier with aerial imagery so people rely on that a lot now.

(05 Jan '20, 03:48) n76

Even using old images you should be able to draw in a building footprint fairly accurately, the plans will help. Car sat-navs often can be configured to yield Lat long in decimal degrees as used by OSM. Obviously, add your full postal address and codes that may have as been allocated to your house. After a few days have passed you can test your address using the search box, but it won't show as quickly as the building polygon as the lag is longer.

(05 Jan '20, 18:41) andy mackey

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