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I'm new to OSM but really enjoying it, so I asked myself: Is it possible to have a comprehensive list/map to see when changes are made after I made some edits? I know there is an overpass turbo which displays objects which were last changed a certain user, but what about objects changed 2, 3 or more changesets before by a certain user?

I sometimes put a bit of effort into my changes, i. e. making detours from my travels, so I already know what the object looks like, where and how it is located, so it would be good to see what other users think about it, i. e. how they map and change these objects.

The following topic goes in that direction. It would mean I need to somehow get a list of all the objects I changed and then load it into this API request - which would result in a rather long query.

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To add to the complexity that has already been pointed out in the answers to your linked question: OSM objects can not only be modified in position and tagging but also be split and merged. Say you created a road. After you someone splits the road into two sections. Only one of those sections will retain the history and information that you created it with. The other section will be created as a new object, only by comparing the nodes is it possible to link that new object to your original one.

Thus it is easier to monitor a certain area with tools like whodidit than individual objects. But there are also limitations as that service only registers changes to nodes.

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Hi Tzorn, thank you for your answer, although I won't give up on it yet. :)

Yes whodidit I was not using because of the limitations, especially area-wise.

Isn't there a method to search "last editor/user unequal previous specific editor/user xyz"?

(03 Jan '20, 10:20) peppone84

Whodidit is pretty reliable. In my experience it picks up >90% of all changesets. Only changesets which did not modify any node are missed. That's a problem with the underlying data model (only nodes carry location information) and the desire to keep the programming/resources simple. I have to pass on your last question. Surely, there is a method and you could implement it with your own database. But to my knowledge there is no public implementation of such method out there.

(03 Jan '20, 13:11) TZorn

I've been using OSMCha for a while, and it works great. You can monitor a specified area and it will show any changesets with a bbox that intersects that area. You sometimes get global changesets showing up, but there aren't too many of those and you can just ignore them.

(03 Jan '20, 16:54) alester

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