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In New Zealand there are many areas that are officially classified as "local purpose reserves". While there are some large reserves (such as the Porirua Scenic Reserve), many in Porirua are quite small (the size of neighbourhood parks). In particular, there are some that serve no recreational purpose, such as Kotuku Reserve and the Titahi Bay Road Reserves, but seem to be reserved to maintain the landscape.

I'm wondering if these should be tagged with boundary=protected_area, like some large (environmental) reserves are, or if their insignificance means that other tags, such as landuse=grass or leisure=park are more appropriate.

asked 29 Dec '19, 06:32

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Ha, I thought about mentioning boundary=protected_area in your previous question, but gave up after failing to search for the origin of "Local Purpose Reserve".

Interesting these are only zoned as "open space". In my place, there are designated green belt or conservation area specifically.

(29 Dec '19, 09:42) Kovoschiz

You should look into protect_class= and protection_title= when it comes to boundary=protected_area. Local Purpose Reserves (Environmental and Landscape Protection) could probably be compared with UK's Local Nature Reserve if I'm not mistaken, which is protect_class=7. I have no idea about Local Purpose Reserve (Landscape).

[edit] Apparently the Wiki (what would have thought...) and IUCN are conflicting. Because UK LNRs are protected by national legislation, they should be IUCN Category IV, corresponding to protect_class=4.

If you have no idea like I do, you could still add them as boundary=protected_area with a protection_title, then figure out protect_class= later. Many updated leisure=nature_reserve or added boundary=protected_area do not have a protect_class= tagged yet, or are wrong according to other datasets. The project looks very much a WIP.

or if their insignificance means that other tags, such as landuse=grass or leisure=park are more appropriate.

As mentioned by others in your previous question, landuse=grass is ambiguous as to its purpose, thus should be further detailed if you so desire. leisure=park needs to be used as such first.

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answered 29 Dec '19, 10:03

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edited 30 Dec '19, 09:20

LNRs are not protected by national legislation: the legislation merely allows them to be designated by a local authority. Much of the protection is not legal, but through ownership and planning policies (this actually also applies in practice to pretty much any of the higher designations in the UK). In general I think the text for Australia probably also applies in the UK: certainly I'd be concerned if people took these IUCN codes at face value.

(29 Dec '19, 17:41) SK53 ♦

That depends on the definition of "legal"... I read they are considered as a nationally established level of protection delegated to local authorities.

(30 Dec '19, 09:25) Kovoschiz
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