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On I can see the Wildorado Wind 1 and 2 farms:

But on only the turbines are shown: The outline is not being shown (so I can't edit it). Secondly the name is not being found in the search results: showing Wildorado Wind 1: showing Wildorado Wind 1 not finding name of wind farm, or showing the name of wind farm or the outline: not finding name of wind farm

asked 27 Dec '19, 22:31

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There are two questions. The first being that it's not found in the search results. I have no answer for that yet.

The second being that its outline is not shown so you can't edit it. The wind farm shown on references a open street map object with a whole list of member nodes: as opposed to referencing a "way" like for other objects: So I think open infrastructure just draws the polygon outline automatically and therefore there's nothing for openstreetmap to render with a label of "Wildorado Wind 1" on it.

(28 Dec '19, 00:13) TFJamMan

I guess Nominatim does not recognize relations of type=site, hence it does not show up in the search results on

(28 Dec '19, 07:15) escada

With regard to "its outline is not shown so you can't edit it", I think you're right - OpenInfraMap seems to be inferring the polygon based on the nodes.:

Via OSM's data layer or query button you can get to one of the nodes, and from there you can click through to the relation.

(29 Dec '19, 00:23) SomeoneElse ♦

@TFJamMan If you see a need, perhaps you could suggest to add a label node for wind farms.

(29 Dec '19, 09:38) Kovoschiz
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