In changeset 78591704, the area around Thatcham level crossing/railway station was modified so that the editor's sat nav would work. The changes have led to some oddities - the side roads are disconnected, there is a gate on a platform, odd maxspeed etc. The editor has made a number of edits to this and possibly some other level crossings in the area with comments implying that their satnav won't route them through level crossings. See for example https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/67170360 where bizarrely everything except motor vehicles was forbidden - fortunately my journey planner ignores access tags on nodes.

I contacted the editor but received no reply. It would be easier to revert than try to correct the errors introduced in the changeset. If someone could revert the changeset, then I propose to remove the barrier=gate nodes (if they haven't already been removed) and replace with crossing:barrier on the level crossing nodes.


asked 22 Dec '19, 08:58

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Hi Jon,

No problem I've reverted changesets 78592218,78591769 and78591704. You can make the changes to the crossings now, (I did see your OpenStreetCam pictures) any barriers would have to be on all 6 crossing points. Wiki page https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:railway%3Dlevel_crossing has info on tagging different types of crossing barriers. If you need any help please just ask.

Happy Mapping in the New Year. Regards Bernard.

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answered 28 Dec '19, 18:17

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Hi, I've previously tried to contact kaj1970 through changeset comments with no success.

In order to revert/remedy changeset 78591704 you would have to revert the later two changesets #78591769 and #78592218, there would then be two conflicts to resolve. Reverting changeset 78591704 on its own results in five conflicts. I can make the reverts if you wish.

Mapillary images indicate that there are what look to be a barrier across the footpath, rpad and cycleway.

What do you think?


(22 Dec '19, 20:30) BCNorwich

Hello Bernard.

Thanks for your reply - unfortunately Christmas distracted me otherwise I would have replied sooner!

The level crossing is a typical one with a single "barrier=lift gate" at either side which blocks both the road and the pavements, and lights like the ones in the photo at level crossing. I've got some poor quality OpenStreetCam footage from when I was experimenting with a bicycle handlebar mount for my phone, but it only covers the car park and the road to the north of the level crossing.

Yes - I think those two changesets would also need to be reverted. I'm afraid that I would cause more harm than good if I tried to revert anything myself, so if you can make the reverts, that would be great.

On an unrelated note, I believe you've fixed problems in some of my changesets in the past - thanks for doing that.


(28 Dec '19, 15:12) jpennycook

Thanks Bernard, and happy new year to you too.


(28 Dec '19, 20:24) jpennycook
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