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While i finished editing about several cities in the north of DPRK i moved to Kaesong in the south.Then i found that the illustrations of the whole area have a huge misplacement compare to the satellite images. Of course all the illustrations have a little bit misplacement to satellite images, including the north parts i've just checked, but in the south it occured so serious. How can i solve it, or how did this happen before?

asked 18 Dec '19, 03:32

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Ri Sergey
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Satellite image position should not be trusted without question. They are based on 'correcting' the actual images recorded by the satellites to correct for changes in ground level, perspective etc. Often this leads to error in the satellite imagery positions. Most OSM editing software has the ability to manually correct the imagery position for this rwason. This is normally done on the basis of GPX traces as taking the average of several GPS traces is generally the most accurate indication of the locations of paths available to mappers.

I suspect the DPRK areas you have looked at only appear to have more accurate positioning because no OSM mapper has been able to visit with a GPS and so everything has been traced from imagery.

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answered 18 Dec '19, 11:39

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Of course I considered the factor before so I always adding illustrations by refer the position where the bottom of the structures are, in order to eliminate satellite interferences. I agree that the graphs in DPRK areas SHOULD be more coincident to the satellite images because nobody ever surveyed those are before...We only have satellite maps. But it just happened. And I guess the reason should be the revises of the satellite, is it right? Please just wait for a second, I'll upload the screenshot.

(18 Dec '19, 14:42) Ri Sergey

alt text

(18 Dec '19, 15:06) Ri Sergey

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