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There is a small stream hereabouts that runs along and in some places actually along a road. How can I ensure that the stream is not covered by the road when its rendered? Need z dimension if you see what I mean

asked 15 Dec '19, 10:35

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Here is a link showing the "leats" in Helston, Cornwall, UK several Cornish towns have them. I towns the are quite neat and tidy but the rural ones are less so and spill over the road.

(15 Dec '19, 14:23) Quanglewangle

If the stream actually runs along the road for a bit then you can map that bit of way as "both road and stream" - is an example. The important thing to do is to make sure that a "ford=yes" tag is set on the bit of way that is both road and stream so that data consumers know about it.

Different renderers will show this in different ways - "OSM Carto" shows an icon in the middle of it; this one shows the road slightly differently (with a blue border) to show that it is a "long ford".

If you can link to the area we can make more detailed suggestions.

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answered 15 Dec '19, 11:33

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I would create a node on the stream ford=yes like this one. The stream is also tagged as layer -1, the road as no layer tag.

I have seen almost a meter of water on the road half way between these two fords although 99.9% of the time the steam is to the side and off the road.

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answered 15 Dec '19, 11:01

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Tagging the objects with different layers conflicts with the definition of a ford: a spot where a road and waterway physically intersect. In the case of a ford, both should have the same layer. In your example, the tags indicate that the stream flows under the road, which then isn't a ford.

(16 Dec '19, 18:09) alester

Thanks for pointing that out. I just used a local ford as an example, then described the tags i had found. I did have doubts, but maybe the mapper used -1 as the water is usually in the gulley by the road.

(16 Dec '19, 20:35) andy mackey

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