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Let's say there is a twisty trail, miles and miles long, along a continental divide.

Let's also say a new country is born, Bogusania, whose boundary happens to coincide with this trail.

Alas, I cannot just do CTRL+C CTRL+V to get a copy of this trail('s nodes) right in the same place, for my new boundary. Should I give up? Thanks.

asked 12 Dec '19, 22:29

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What you probably want to do is use the trail itself as the boundary of the country, rather than duplicate the data. How you specifically do that in iD, though, I'm not familiar with. I'll let someone else answer that part.

(12 Dec '19, 23:42) alester

whose boundary happens to coincide with this trail.

If it happens to coincide with the trail (rather than is defined as being the trail) I'd agree that you'd want to define the boundary and the trail separately, as you are trying to do. If you can't do that in the editor that you are currently using (perhaps for very good reasons, to do with who that editor is targeted at and causing the least surprise), use a different editor.

However, if it is actually defined as being the trail then at the very least you should be using the trail nodes in the boundary, and I'd actually suggest splitting the trail so that the part that forms the boundary actually forms part of the boundary relation, as alester suggests in the comment on the question. This latter approach is more prone to "newbie breakage" but is arguably the best way to model the real-life situation. If you want to see how it works long-term look at townlands (low-level admin areas) in Ireland, where boundaries often follow roads.

With regard to the "use a different editor" suggestion, I'm not assuming that you can't do this in iD (there are lots of things that people assume that you can't do that you can), only mentioning that there are multiple editors available for OSM, with different strengths and weaknesses. I regularly use four of them, depending on the job in hand. If you find that you can't do what you want to do in one editor, try a different one.

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answered 13 Dec '19, 14:47

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(Indeed, in iD one can simply add things one wants to reuse to relations. And indeed, best to not reuse e.g., river centerlines for boundaries, but make a copy, as rivers change, but treaties don't.) (I am allergic to some editors, due to their hardwired partial left-handed mouse mappings (JOSM).) OK, I made a rough copy of the continental divide (one node per about five trail nodes) by hand.

(14 Dec '19, 01:33) jidanni

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