I use osmconvert tool to merge maps. This tool merges 3 maps correctly, however if I merge 16 maps, then I see the following error:

osmconvert Error: could not get 183500800 bytes of memory

This my command:

osmconvert.exe asia/armenia-latest.o5m asia/azerbaijan-latest.o5m 
europe/belarus-latest.o5m asia/kazakhstan-latest.o5m asia/kyrgyzstan-latest.o5m 
europe/moldova-latest.o5m russia-latest.o5m asia/tajikistan-latest.o5m 
asia/uzbekistan-latest.o5m europe/bulgaria-latest.o5m europe/hungary-latest.o5m 
europe/poland-latest.o5m europe/romania-latest.o5m europe/slovakia-latest.o5m 
europe/ukraine-latest.o5m europe/czech-republic-latest.o5m -o=merged.o5m

Could you say what am I doing wrong? How can I solve this problem?

asked 10 Dec '19, 19:21

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It sounds like your system doesn't have enough memory to perform this operation. Maybe try merging in multiple steps (e.g. merge the Asian ones together, merge the European ones together, then merge those two files together).

(10 Dec '19, 23:16) alester

@alester thanks for your comment. However, the error is the same, even only Euopean maps are merged. Maybe you have another ideas?

(11 Dec '19, 19:55) CuriosityBeg...
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