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Hello everyone,

I have been using tool to quickly add buildings in my area. Many addresses have been surveyed in the area already and marked using a point with the addr:housenumber / addr:street tags.

As I add the buildings shapes I have been ensuring that the relevant address point is positioned inside the shape like this:

alt text

Is this a good approach? Deleting the point and adding the address tags to the shape seems cleaner somehow, but would slow things down to the point of impracticality.

All input appreciated!

asked 03 Dec '19, 00:54

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Putting the address on the building outline, or as a point inside a building are both valid ways to map. However, some countries have the habit (or even requirement) to map it one way or the other. AFAIK, Denmark, Italy and The Netherlands use address points, while in Belgium addresses are typically placed on the building outline.

Please check with the local community for their preference (e.g. how are addresses mapped in the rest of the country ?)

OSM is not built overnight, so don't worry about "slow things".

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answered 03 Dec '19, 04:05

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Thanks for your response. I'm in Canada, so I'll do some investigating.

(03 Dec '19, 16:41) morehawes

We don't have a strict preference in Canada, so either way would work. That being said, moving the address to the building object is cleaner and probably preferred if you can spare the time.

(03 Dec '19, 17:19) alester

@alalester Thanks and agreed. I'll have a play and see how streamlined I can get the process.

(03 Dec '19, 21:26) morehawes

When you use the building tool in JOSM and draw a building around an address point, the point is merged with the outline (when that option is turned on)

There is also an action to merge all selected address points and buildings, at least when the points are inside the buildings.

(04 Dec '19, 04:17) escada

@escada Thanks for the tips. I haven't really got to grips with JOSM yet, I have been using iD (and RapiD for quickly adding the buildings without drawding). Merging the tags has been quicker than I first thought using some keyboard shortcuts, but I figured there must be a more efficient way. Funnily enough I didn't some across anything when searching. I will be sure to check it out. Do I need any specific JOSM plugins to achieve this?

(04 Dec '19, 16:37) morehawes

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