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I saw on openinframap that the Hornsdale battery (in South Australia built by Neoen/Tesla 100 MW, 129 MWh) was missing:

Same thing on openstreetmap:

But in edit mode it appears: Same thing if you follow the link directly:

How do I make it appear in both the openstreetmap and openinframap views please?

asked 02 Dec '19, 15:38

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edited 02 Dec '19, 15:39

It's not appearing on either OpenStreetMap or OpenInfraMap because it's not tagged with any recognised area tags. "power=battery" is not a documented tag anywhere.

I would tag this as:

plant:output:electricity=100 MW

With these tags it will appear correctly on both OpenStreetMap and OpenInfraMap.

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answered 02 Dec '19, 18:07

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russss, the windfarm is already tagged as power=plant. Here we are talking merely about one element within, a battery and not a plant. I would consider your proposal tagging for the renderer, i.e. using inappropriate tags just to make something show up on the map.

The relation I linked to could be extended to include the substation and the battery. Still it would probably not be rendered by this means.

(02 Dec '19, 19:18) TZorn

Ah OK, I wasn't aware it was a part of a wind farm.

In that case the wind farm should have plant:source=wind;battery and the plant:output:electricity should be the combined peak output of the wind farm and the battery storage.

The battery storage should be tagged as power=generator, and generator:source=battery. This will not render on OpenInfraMap currently although I'm planning to add it.

If you just add the landuse=industrial tag (which I think is appropriate), it will render on the main OSM map.

(02 Dec '19, 19:29) russss

Having said that, I think there is also a reasonable argument to tag the wind farm and the battery storage as separate plants.

Co-located storage is relatively new so I don't think we've come to a reasonable consensus on how to tag these yet.

(02 Dec '19, 19:33) russss

Russss, isn’t the battery part of an industrial complex, a power plant ? Are you tagging every part of an industrial complex or just the borders and buildings ? Just not the functions, from gate-house up to works ? Or did you add the basements of the standing windmills (generators) as well, since they are based on these concrete buildings and connected by several bolts. But feel free to tag what you like and change the Wiki if it has a lacune. Ps and what about the connecting lines over or underground ?

(03 Dec '19, 09:49) Hendrikklaas

The wind farm is (correctly, IMO) tagged as a relation rather than an area, because the landuse in the area between the wind turbines is not (normally) changed. This is described on the wiki here:

The battery storage and substation are separate, fenced compounds, so I think they are industrial landuse by themselves.

I don't think this is inconsistent with what is currently on the wiki (although the power tagging pages could still do with some cleanup, which I am slowly working on).

As I mentioned before, whether the battery storage is part of the wind farm or separate is arguable in my opinion.

(03 Dec '19, 10:04) russss

The maps on, and many others are created by different organizations or people. They each decide what they want to show on the map and what not. They need to make selections to not render the map unreadable by cluttering the map with overlaying objects.

If you want to see the battery you can either produce a map by yourself if you have the means to do so or ask the maintainer of these maps to add support for the feature. I guess you have the best chance to achieve the latter with a dedicated map like openinframap. I suggest you click on the about link in the top left hand corner and contact the author directly.

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answered 02 Dec '19, 16:19

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Is the battery in a building or a building by itself? You could add building=yes to the object.

(02 Dec '19, 19:18) TZorn

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