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How can I change route , if I khow, that there is shortest one

asked 27 Nov '19, 09:31

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tania shibko
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edited 27 Nov '19, 09:37

Can you show us an example? Please paste the URL of the route from your browser.

(27 Nov '19, 09:50) scai ♦

where do you want to change the route: on ? can you post a link of that route (copy the URL shown in the browser when the route is displayed). We can then investigate why that router thinks there is no shorter route

(27 Nov '19, 09:50) escada

I expect that you would want a route that goes like However, this shows that the distance is approx. the same Or is there another, shorter route that I miss

(27 Nov '19, 10:17) escada

but this is already 2.8, the same as the second one you give. So the original route is shorter. while this is shorter, a little bit further, its time is the same as the original route.

The differences are really small, and the time to travel is probably more impacted by the traffic signals or junctions you have to cross than by the actual distance you have to travel.

BTW, Graphhopper (Car) is using the route you suggest and while it is 400m shorter, it takes 3 minutes longer. (play with the drop down with "OSRM" on it). So it's more in the algorithms than in the OSM data.

(27 Nov '19, 12:11) escada

So сan't I change it and to choose another with OSRM ?

(27 Nov '19, 12:29) tania shibko

Not with the OSRM functionality offered on The functionality offered on the website is just basic. It allows mapper to see whether there are mapping errors (which is not the case here IMHO) Out-of-curiosity, why is switching to Graphhopper, not a valid alternative?

For real-world routing, I recommend you install an app on your phone, or use an OSM-map on a GPS-device. Or you can try the OSRM website which offers more functionality

(27 Nov '19, 13:01) escada

Thank you for your explanation.

(27 Nov '19, 13:05) tania shibko
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The conclusion from the discussion in the comments as answer.

While OSRM does not follow the shortest route as expected by the OP, Graphhopper does. The difference is time and distance are small (OSRM being the fastest by 3 min, Graphopper the shortest by 400m). So the data seems correct.

The functionality offered by the routers on is limited, so it is not possible to change routes. The goal of the routing functionality is to detect mapping errors, not providing a full-fledge navigation aid. Therefore one has to use specialized websites, dedicated apps or GPS devices with OSM map.s

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answered 28 Nov '19, 04:17

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