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Which one is the best between this picture, perheaps something else, I don't know :/

Complex: alt text

Simple: alt text

Thank for the help,

asked 25 Nov '19, 22:18

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Hi Winultimate... in these pictures, it looks like each individual lane of traffic has been drawn as a separate way (line). This is probably incorrect mapping.

Normally we would draw a single way to represent each entire avenue. (Or, in the case of a divided highway, also known as a dual carriagway, we would draw two ways, one representing the traffic going in each direction.)

The turn behavior of individual lanes can optionally be indicated with additional tags added on the avenue. You can read some documentation of this at

So the short answer is that, best I can tell, neither of the pictures look correct.

Before you can map the intersection correctly, the roads themselves need to be fixed. Then I believe you would be able to use a single intersection point and a single traffic light, like in the bottom picture.

Good luck, J

PS -- Here's an example of a multi-lane intersection that's mapped correctly: Note that there are multiple lanes including turn lanes, but the only turn lane that's drawn separately has a physical separation from the other traffic. (The roads at this intersection do not have any special tags describing the turn lanes; that's useful but not required.)

I think that before you drew in the individual lanes in changeset 77544873, this intersection of Poudrière/Leclerc/Allende/Tassigny was correctly mapped. So probably this changeset should be reverted.

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answered 25 Nov '19, 22:56

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edited 26 Nov '19, 00:31

I agree, mapping each individual lane as a separate way is wrong, except if there is a physical separation. For mapping roads with multiple lanes the lane key should be used instead, together with turn:lanes.

(26 Nov '19, 09:13) scai ♦

Thanks you for the answer ! Sorry for this, I corrected my changeset to rectify this intersection.

(26 Nov '19, 11:58) Winultimate

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