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I have on all browsers tried to change, ok add my home location after having my display name set for a couple of years. When entering location (either direct GPS coordinates or using map pin), all that would return is "display name already in use". I am not adding, but updating. Finally the only way to get it to work is to change my display name? Seem obvious, but sounds like a bug, it can not tell update from an add.

asked 23 Nov '19, 17:22

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Are you talking about your OSM account and changing the profile on I just tried and it was working fine for me. I had to fill the password confirmation field, though.

(23 Nov '19, 21:14) TZorn Sign In>My Settings. Does not matter how you try. Select a new name at the top, works fine e.g. I was kzuk, now am kzuk62. Changed nothing else.

(23 Nov '19, 22:52) kzuk

Changing the location works fine for me in Firefox 68 without touching any other input field (except for "Update home location when I click on the map" of course).

(25 Nov '19, 08:51) scai ♦

I moved my home point sucessfully just to test the system, but I find i can't upvote or accept an answer ( to my recent question) also I can't delete or edit my comments allways. I am moving between Chrome and Firefox. a while ago it allways worked fine for me. Maybe it just doesn't work for kzuk on his setup.

(25 Nov '19, 14:02) andy mackey

I do log in!

(25 Nov '19, 14:03) andy mackey

In order to "change home location without display name change" I did this:

  1. Selected "my settings" from the menu at the top right
  2. tick the "Update home location when I click on the map?" box
  3. click on the map
  4. Save changes

I can now see my new home location. I'm using Firefox on Linux (KDE). Note that I don't want to change my display name, so I'm not typing anything in that box at all. What are you doing that is different?

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answered 23 Nov '19, 23:02

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Perhaps you need to read what I said again - particulary the bit where I say "I'm not typing anything into the display name field".

Perhaps you are, or perhaps your browser is defaulting a value in there? Also, you haven't said which browsers you are seeing this with - you've said "all", but it is unlikely that you have tried every browser ever written.

Finally, please do come down off your high horse and join the rest of us on the ground trying to find a solution. i'm trying to help you here and shouting "I can read" (when you perhaps haven't understood the nuances of what might be happening) isn't helpful.

(24 Nov '19, 17:09) SomeoneElse ♦

@kzuk I have deleted your rude and intemperate comment. Please be respectful to others trying to help you. Please also remember that answers on this Q&A site are not just directed at the original question but also to any other reader with related problems.

(25 Nov '19, 14:14) SK53 ♦

sk53, the reason I wrote what I did was because answers to questions would be worthwhile effort IF people would read what people wrote and if they DO NOT have a viable solution, simply say nothing. Repeat of written process, is no value. If related problems, then answer the question in that related topic, not another topic. I have turned off notifications on this question as I have solved a workaround on my own.

(25 Nov '19, 17:19) kzuk

For anyone else who may come across this question, troubleshooting an issue often requires asking additional questions in order to help identify the cause of the issue and therefore a solution. It's relatively rare to be able to jump straight from a report of an issue to a solution. Please cooperate with those who are volunteering their time to try to help you. Also, if you're able to solve the problem on your own or a provided solution works for you, please come back and say so, because that turns the question and answer into a valuable resource for anyone else who may encounter the same issue in the future.

(25 Nov '19, 18:07) alester

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