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I am going to use openstreetmap data for my masters thesis, and would like some real query data into the dataset if possible. Is this available anywhere?

I tried to ask this earlier but after verifying my email, it seems that the question has disappeared, otherwise sorry for dupilcate questions.

asked 21 Nov '19, 14:48

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What do you mean with "some real query data into the dataset" - are you saying you would like to know what people have typed into the search box on

(21 Nov '19, 14:57) Frederik Ramm ♦

Yes exactly

(21 Nov '19, 14:59) frederik3214

OpenStreetMap data is free for anyone to download, any anyone can run their own search web site with OSM data without OSM ever getting to see their search terms. Those search terms that people enter on are accessible to the server operators (i.e. the OSM Foundation). This information is not publicly released because there are privacy considerations. Even if we strip away the IP numbers, certain search terms or a certain sequence of searches could reveal personal information.

The OSMF has considered releasing such data for research purposes like yours, however that would be contingent on there being a tool/script/method for anonymizing these access logs to a point where they can be given to people without incurring the risk of a privacy breach.

If you are interested in developing such a tool that anonymizes Apache logs, you could get in touch with our licensing working group to find out what would be required, and then try to implement that; if you succeed, then your tould could later be used to generate an anonymised data set that you are allowed to see. It is, however, not a quick path, and would only work if your masters thesis has enough time left to be completed...

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answered 21 Nov '19, 20:43

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