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I want to add data to OSM, which i have found missing surrounding my locality. I have collected data using Google's API(places,directions, etc.) This data is now stored in csv format and now i want to upload it to OSM, but is there any simple automated way to upload data to OSM db. I read about editing OSM and most of the process seems to be manual. Is there any other way to edit OSM?

asked 21 Nov '19, 07:48

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We are normally not interested in bulk uploads because they have a tendency to break things - duplicate existing data, overlap existing data, not connect to existing data properly, and so on. The preferred way to work with external data sources is to load them up in your editor of choice and manually transfer objects to OSM.

Having said that, it is technically possible to load a large amount of data into an editor and just upload to OSM. This usually counts as a data import and needs to follow some guidelines, see

Most of all however, we need to respect copyright and intellectual property when adding things to OSM. If you have copied anything from Google maps or traced anything with the help of Google aerial imagery, then that data is not admissible in OSM.

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I addition To Frederik's answer, It is simple for you to edit locally with your local knowledge and observation. You can use the excellent Bing and DG to add local stuff with one of the editors, This was the plan when OSM was first thought of. ( although Bing and DG weren't available then). Happy Mapping

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answered 21 Nov '19, 10:03

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