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In te context o a research I want to map existing local currency groups in my country. That is possible to be done wit Google Maps? Does OSM allow me to do it also? Because some months ago I tried to map such groups in my city and an admin deleted my work claiming that I was playing aroun with the community resources for commercial purposes.

asked 18 Nov '19, 00:52

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You can use umap for that, there are different server running that software, e.g. http://umap.openstreetmap.fr

If you want to add information directly into OSM, you can probably use the payment tag to the shops and amenities that accept a certain local currency. I do not see how you could add an area indicating this. You do not have a map at that moment, and still need something like umap to display the shops accepting the local currencies.

I do not understand "I was playing aroun with the community resources for commercial purposes." though. It is true that the osm.org tiles should not be used for commercial purposes. Since there is not a valid way to add local currency areas to OSM, you might also have been misusing an existing tag to reflect those areas, and that is seen as tagging for the render. Such data will be corrected or removed by other mappers. There is no concept of "admin" with special rights in OSM.

[Edit] P.S. the umap servers come with their own usage policy. If you made a map on one of there it is possible that the admin of that particular server decided that you violated their policy and removed your map.

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answered 18 Nov '19, 04:22

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Thank you. I will try umap

(18 Nov '19, 13:00) pablogrod
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