Hi, i have added some trail lines to an existing trail system using browser editor. However my additions do not appear on osm map layers that offer topographical information. What am I missing when inputing info about the trails? I added trails by tracing the GPX shapefiles supplied by local government of the area.

asked 16 Nov '19, 13:57

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Can you link to where you have added the data? We might be able to link to other maps that show what you are looking for.

(16 Nov '19, 14:00) SomeoneElse ♦

How long ago did you make your edits? The outdoor oriented maps I use based on OSM seem to take a month or more to pick up my edits. Remember, OpenTopoMaps and other similar projects are separate from OpenStreetMap and have different policies about how often they pull new map data from OSM.

(16 Nov '19, 14:05) stf

I am referring to the various layers available directly at osm.org when I search the area to which I added data. I traced/uploaded lines yesterday and they appear on Standard map layer and Humanitarian map layer. However they have not appeared on Cycle or Transport layer.

(16 Nov '19, 15:35) ForestTalkRadio

Here is the link to area I changed. https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/47.0589/-79.7748&layers=N

Red Foc trail was existing and Tower tral and White Bear trail are my additions. Thanks for your time on this.

(16 Nov '19, 15:38) ForestTalkRadio

This is not unusual, the Cycle and Transport layers generally update their tiles less frequently than the other two you mentioned. It does not reflect any problem with the data you added.

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answered 16 Nov '19, 16:42

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