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As I understand it, there is currently no side-by-side comparison option ("diff") between versions at, like at

It would be great a great feature to have, for better understanding updates on units like -- ideally directly on the page, alternatively as a link to

This was also asked about six years ago, but many things have probably changed since then, and it might not be as difficult to add it today:

An example mock-up, where the unit number "439311424" is a link. It could also be a link called fx "View diff" next to "View History" at the bottom, pointing to a diff view of the latest revision:

alt text

asked 09 Nov '19, 10:50

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For the website, why don't you check at Github and propose any ideas not mentioned?

(09 Nov '19, 16:35) Kovoschiz is for specific questions, not for feature requests.

There is already a similar issue at openstreetmap-website. You can add your ideas to this ticket. However it still needs someone to implement it.

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answered 11 Nov '19, 08:39

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Thanks @scai for your feedback and link, it was really constructive. And thanks for suggesting that feature more than five years ago in "Better history diff by adding colorization of changes #738" in the Github issue you linked to above.

Perhaps a section could be added to the Getting Help page?


For development and feature requests."

Oh wait, that's another feature request :-)

(11 Nov '19, 09:20) ragit

I'm not entirely sure what your question is.

In addition to Achavi there is also OSM Cha which provides a slightly different display and a Deep History tool which shows all tags over time for a particular object.

Do these provide what you need?

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answered 09 Nov '19, 15:42

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Think he wants a Deep History for geometry, or OSMCha dedicated to objects.

(09 Nov '19, 16:32) Kovoschiz

Sorry, I should have added an example image, to help explain what I mean. It has been added now.

(09 Nov '19, 16:47) ragit

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