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Sorry to ask what is probably a pretty basic question, but totally new to GPS devices. Have an etrex 30x and have loaded a map of the bottom end of South America. It shows in the internal map directory, is enabled and all other maps disabled. I would like to check the map before heading off. I live in the UK and all I can see is a blank screen and my current location marker. No matter what i do, i cannot get the screen to show the map. I have zoomed out to the max (800km), but scrolling around is like searching in space, and no idea how to get the screen to where I need it. Grateful for any help ian

asked 08 Nov '19, 21:59

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accept rate: 0% as SK53 says these are the co-ords for Punta Arenas minus values represent west and south on the OSM map.

(09 Nov '19, 16:38) andy mackey

If the map is enabled, you could get the coordinates (lat, long) from a point in a town in South America using the . On the layers icon at the right side select "Map Data" and then select a single point on the map and the coordinates will be displayed. Or use the url coordinates. Enter these into your etrex via "Where To" , "Coordinates". When you select done the etrex will, after a big of thinking, will draw a purple line to the site you entered. You can zoom out and after much ado eventually find you way there using the toggle. Then you can browse the area. That is a pita to do too. I'm seem to remember I did this more easily in the past but can't remember how now.

Instead, I usually 'create a track' using in the area in the new country that I am interested in, save and download as a gpx, and copy to the gpx directory of the etrex. Then disconnect your etrex, restart and go to "Track Manager", select the new gpx track you added, "View Map" and lo and behold you are there already.

I saved a short gpx from the airport into the town of Rio Grande here for you to try

permanent link

answered 09 Nov '19, 05:31

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Creating suitable searchable waypoints works as well (e.g., for major cities). Just create a waypoint at current location, rename & edit lat/long.

I've usually used BaseCamp and/or MapSource to look at such maps.

(09 Nov '19, 14:53) SK53 ♦

Many thanks for these replies. I had tried the first method suggested of selecting a point in the map and using 'where to'. After following the route into what seemed the outer reaches of space, I gave up. The other methods worked fine, thank you very much, although the map quality is not quite as good as I would have liked. (BBBike SRTM World countours garmin) Ian

(10 Nov '19, 11:41) iankk

PS What is meant by 'Head on over to vote'?

(10 Nov '19, 11:42) iankk

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