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Please advise how to code sites and buildings (e.g. large industrial or commercial) with multiple entrances, each having different street addresses (at least house numbers):
(Q1) each entrance a node (building=entrance) + address information? However, this does not appear on the map :-(
(Q2) should this node be part of the site's / building's border line, or a separate POI? I think, an entrance is part of the building and thus should be part of the site's / building's surrounding polygon.
(Q3) Sometimes (e.g. large commercial areas) have entrances with a street address associated with that entrance. Would this still be a building=entrance type of node? Should this node be part of the polygon surrounding the site? Or an extra node?
(Q4) Large appartment buildings may also have several entrances with separate house numbers. I do not want to add all house numbers to the building's address since the building is quite long and I think it is important to know which end has which address. Again I would like to know: One POI for each entrance (building=entrance)? Should this node be part of the building's polygon? Or separate? Or should I still split the building into seperate buildings, one for each address?
(Q5) Not every building can be split into separate building polygons, one for each address: There are large business buildings with several entrances which cannot (artificially) be split into several buildings.
Thank you.

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  1. The addr:housenumber tag appears on the map. But the important thing is that routers and search engines finds the address.
  2. You should add the building=entrance node to the building because entrances are part of the building outline. If you do not have the building outline you do not have to do so.
  3. If the node is not an entrance to a building then you do not tag it as building=entrance. You can still tag the address to a node and even tag it with barrier=gate if that is more appropriate.
  4. For longer stretches of housenumbers you can add them to a way that you tag with addr:intrapolation.
  5. That is where you use building=entrance to add several entrances and addresses to the same building. There is no reason there should be only one building=entrance assosiated with a single building.
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answered 17 Aug '11, 11:55

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Thank you, this helps. As for #4: I understood addr:interpolation is only for ways but I have a situation where several long appartment buildings are not along the road but at a right angle to the road, worse: the street has an even-odd numbering scheme such that one building has housenumbers 10 (next to the road) and 12 (a little away from the road). According to your answer to #2, I will now add the entrances with their respective house numbers and hope they will show up on the map. Thank you, again.

(17 Aug '11, 12:23) wribln

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