I am a new mapper and am map a square"tile?" this week as an assignment for my GIST class.

 The instructions for this map in Haiti says to-

[Please use the MAXAR premium imagery for the location. These images are NOT well positioned . You have to make an offset for every tile. In ID editor use shortcut B (Background), go down submenu adjust offset. Take the following steps:

use shortcut B (background) and select BING image (this is problabl already selected). select a clear object (a large building) on the BING image. Draw the building as good as possible. change the image from BING to Maxar premium. go down the background submenu. Then you can change the offset by using the arrows or type in a offset. The selected object (the large building) has to be placed exactly above the that object in the Maxar image. Task]

 SO the MAXAR imagery is moved all over the place if I apply these instructions to more than the one feature, is that how it is supposed to work?

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For best accuracy you need several GPX traces of the area ideally recorded over several days to eliminate errors. Display all of these and drag the image into alignment with the average of the traces before mapping from any images. More information can be found here https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Using_Imagery edt in response to question re gps/gpx A GPX file can only be recorded by surveying the area and recording your position with a GPS device, GPS equip smart phone or GPS dongle. A GPX trace should be accurate to +-5 metres and if you have several for the same area you can check and if required fix the image position. OSM as a database of traces. see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Upload_GPS_tracks and https://www.openstreetmap.org/traces

You will be able to learn more by spending time reading the OSM WIKI

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answered 01 Nov '19, 22:35

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andy mackey
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I could not find how to do GPS traces. Maybe I just just find them somewhere.

(03 Nov '19, 20:43) cptniemo

I am almost brand new at this. only been on OSM a couple hours total.

(03 Nov '19, 20:44) cptniemo

see edit to my answer

(04 Nov '19, 19:55) andy mackey

Reading your question again i now realise that you are a remote mapper and therefore can't record traces your self. Someone may have already uploaded some traces in the area and if you enable traces/gpx in your editor you can use those, If that can't be done you will have to take the advice in the note and use Maxor Premium. sorry for my misleading advice. Happy Mapping

(04 Nov '19, 21:03) andy mackey
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