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Walking along a curved road, I made a precise survey,

1047m left  side telephone pole 32;
1063m right side electric  pole 159;
1068m right side telephone pole 32;
1074m right side electric  pole 160;

Now comes the task of putting them in the right spots on the map.

iD has Ctrl+Shift+M: Toggle measurement panel, but I need one that can show distance along (curved) roads.

I wish to click to make an anchor, then as I move the mouse along the curved road, there is some counter on the screen showing me the distance so far, and then when I see the right distance, I click some more to insert the pole on the map etc. as usual, without turning off the distance calculator.

(Maybe JOSM has such tool, but I can't use JOSM as its reverse mouse bindings mess up my muscle memory.)

Sure on osm.org website one can use the directions A to B tool in the left panel, but that is not inside the editor.

(Utility poles alas are just below the visibility threshold of the editors' background imagery, hence the need for my precise survey.)

(I took advantage of the road being recently repaved and then for their final report the crews had painted exact distances all along it. (Which will fade after a few months.))

Note in actuality I do not have a nice file as above, but instead just sloppy hand scribbled notes,

32 L 1047
1063 159 R
1068 R 32
R 1074 160

Therefore this is not good for a "batch edit job", but rather simple hand editing.

Yes I read

https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/30170/is-it-possible-to-render-road-distance-from-its-start-point https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/3193/measuring-distance

asked 31 Oct '19, 17:04

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Me: "Use JOSM." You: "Maybe JOSM has such tool, but I can't use JOSM as its reverse mouse bindings mess up my muscle memory." Me: "Oh..."

(31 Oct '19, 20:09) alester

Yes, one can do in in JOSM. But one minute of JOSM messes up my muscle memory for iD, etc., for a whole week, so I just can't touch it!

(08 Nov '19, 23:20) jidanni

Why don't you suggest this to iD?

(09 Nov '19, 05:32) Kovoschiz

Wouldn't it be easier to record the exact position with a waypoint on a GPS device? With your approach, you will have to draw your exact path in the editor, as you will not always have followed the middle of the road, which is the way we have in OSM. I can imagine that the difference will become significant after a few kilometres along a curvy road.

(09 Nov '19, 07:01) escada

https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/7032 Well cellphone GPS just wavers around a 3-meter circle, crossing from left to right side of the one lane road randomly too. I was just trying to do one-meter accuracy mapping without buying professional surveyor equipment. Anyway it looks like I will be using https://grass.osgeo.org/grass78/manuals/v.to.points.html to make guide points every 20 meters, just like on the real road, and put it into a trackfile and upload that to OSM.ORG as my basemap for editing with iD, and delete it when finished.

(09 Nov '19, 16:31) jidanni
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