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how can i add an area that is restricted only for foreigners?

for example the area around this iranian nuclear research facilitie is closed. at least some km around it. we don't know the exact boundaries, there are no signs.


asked 30 Oct '19, 15:23

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if an area is only accessible by authorized personnel, you can map it as access=private. Not knowing the exact extent of an area is something that cannot be solved with the current OSM tools/tags.

Please note that "foreigners" normally means people from another area, often meaning people from another country. AFAIK there is no tag to indicate access for such group.

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answered 31 Oct '19, 04:18

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There's *:conditional= for user groups. Should this not be access=no?

(31 Oct '19, 09:00) Kovoschiz

@Kovoschiz, I thought about access=no as well, but employees, delivery trucks etc are probably allowed. For the general public no and private are not really that different

while the conditional-tag works for many cases, we do not have access tags for "foreigners", "employee", "boss", "students", etc.

(31 Oct '19, 09:21) escada

There are still numerous closed cities, see Wikipedia: So it's not an entirely unusual phenomenon. Note that in Patagonia passport/document checks are common (required?) on leaving/entering some urban areas (Ushuaia/Rio Grande/El Calafate from memory) and possibly involve some travel restrictions.

(31 Oct '19, 11:21) SK53 ♦

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