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I added a floating solar array (yes, it's real) over a lake feature, but I don't see a way to show this "power=generator" feature 'above' the water. Any suggestions? Thank you!

asked 28 Oct '19, 18:57

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Where actually is this? Some map styles will probably show it.

(29 Oct '19, 11:01) SomeoneElse ♦

The Location is: My polygon is there, just not showing above the water.

(29 Oct '19, 15:15) viewCT

I added a tag layer=2. I'll give it time to see if it shows up. Interesting to see it in OpenInfraMap.

(29 Oct '19, 18:32) viewCT

In this example, I don't think that layer will help at all. It'll likely need a style change at OSM Carto for it to show up in that map style.

(29 Oct '19, 20:44) SomeoneElse ♦

There are at least two other floating solar arrays mapped:

Neither of these shows up on the standard Carto-CSS style, although level tags are used. Both do show up on OpenInfraMap.

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answered 29 Oct '19, 18:06

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SK53 ♦
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Hmmm. Sounds like a problem with the standard renderer. Seems like layer should have worked.

(29 Oct '19, 18:57) n76

@stf at present it's a pretty marginal exception (under 10 such arrays in the UK for instance)

(30 Oct '19, 13:05) SK53 ♦

Good or bad idea? I have looked for examples of floating constructions, recollect some mention of them here in the past. The term, a building or a construction are more or less interchangeable in English language. If you call a floating solar array a building it will render i think, after all it has been built, another possibility is to map the array as an Island.

(04 Nov '19, 19:23) andy mackey

Neither are true: it's not an island, and it's not a building: merely a raft with solar panels on it. Personally I'm not worried about this at all: it's an extreme edge case & openinframap handles display of solar power better than standard Carto anyway.

(04 Nov '19, 20:56) SK53 ♦

Maybe you could add a layer=1 tag to the polygon. For other things, like bridges and building=roof that indicates that one item is above the other. From the wiki, it sounds like it is generally applicable for indicating what is above another feature.

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answered 29 Oct '19, 16:14

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That's not really how the "layer" tag works in the OSM Carto style (or at least wasn't the last time I looked at it). What there actually is in the map style are "layers" of "different sorts of features" in that are drawn in order, and then for each of those entries in files such as .

(29 Oct '19, 20:53) SomeoneElse ♦

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