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I am running a local OSM server I made with osm2pgsql. I would like to remove the "Hudson Bay" label from the map. I understand I would have to re render the tiles but that is okay. Can it just be removed in the postgres database? Could you guys point me in the right direction?

Thanks! :)

asked 22 Oct '19, 15:09

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If you are not updating the server automatically you can simply find the relevant object and null the name field.

Note that there seem to be multiple objects with the name and you will likely have to repeat this for all of them.

For the main multipolygon with id 9441240 you should be able to find entries in the planet_osm_polygon table, you will need to check for -9441240 too.

If you are updating your database, this can still be done, but you will need to add triggers to remove the name automatically if somebody edits the object (or you could simply do it manually if the name returns).

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answered 23 Oct '19, 10:03

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SimonPoole ♦
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I can't seem to find where the label is coming from, is it just the "Name" column in the database? Would the Hstore data make any difference?

(23 Oct '19, 15:15) LakesKeegan

It is very well possible as I said that there multiple objects with the name. I don't believe that osm-carto uses hstore at all for names. I'll run a quick check on my database and report back.

(23 Oct '19, 16:03) SimonPoole ♦

Thank you!

(23 Oct '19, 16:33) LakesKeegan

planet_osm_point 305640293 that doesn't seem to be rendered

planet_osm_ polygon -9441240 and maybe 518434801, 518425097 seems as there has just been some editing on the objects so YMMV

(23 Oct '19, 16:53) SimonPoole ♦

Am I able to just delete 305640293 or is that a bad idea?

(23 Oct '19, 16:57) LakesKeegan

I don't think anybody uses it for anything, and as said it isn't rendered anyway.

(23 Oct '19, 17:14) SimonPoole ♦

I set the polygon names to null and deleted the point, the label is still showing up. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks again for your help.

(23 Oct '19, 18:01) LakesKeegan

Are you sure that the tiles have been regenerated? the low zoom tiles typically are not dynamically rendered.

(23 Oct '19, 18:44) SimonPoole ♦

Turns out they didn't finish rendering, the label is removed. Thanks for your help!

(23 Oct '19, 21:41) LakesKeegan
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