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Using the serach function to find a cemetary in a town normally fails, unless the area was tagged as "cemetery" (or in my case, as German, as "Friedhof"). You can find a letter box ("Briefkasten") using the search function, but not cemeteries. This may be a defect of the search function, but it maybe an intermediate solution until a proper solution is found (and calling it "bullshit" is not appreciated).

asked 21 Oct '19, 05:54

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Please tell us what service/app/webpage you are using where your search is not working. How do you actually perform the search there?

(21 Oct '19, 08:10) TZorn

Searching for cemeteries via Nominatim works fine for me:

(21 Oct '19, 10:37) scai ♦

This works only, if the cementary has a proper name, e.g. "Jüdischer Friedhof". If you just search "Friedhof Paderborn" ( Paderborn), you get some cementaries nearby, but none of the local ones. In the found ones of this search, there is just "Friedhof" in the name tag, and another user has removed this in my try, with the not so polite indication this would be 'bullshit', but did not gave any indication how to let cementeries be found that don't have a proper name. Even "Friedhof Elsen" (i.e. the suburb name attached) was rejected. Take e.g. the "Westfriedhof" (, which will be found by searching for "Westfriedhof Paderborn", but not by searching "Friedhof Paderborn" in the map search field (using nominatim), but not with the above search. When entering "Briefkasten Paderborn" (post box), a long list of the objects is found. So I would expect that you get a list of all cementeries if you just enter "Friedhof Paderborn".

(21 Oct '19, 11:10) rainglasz

Crossposted to the forum and elaborately answered there.

(21 Oct '19, 12:53) TZorn

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