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Hello Guys, i came here because i followed a path via Komoot (by bike) and at some point it was so overgrown by trees and thorny bushed that it took me 2h to progress 300m. Now i want to mark that part and help to map the world later on.

asked 17 Oct '19, 13:51

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After a cold winter the vegetation may die almost completely and that path could be OK to use.

(17 Oct '19, 15:45) andy mackey

Hi, welcome Jonas! Great that you want to help! Is there any issue you are running into? Just the general "how to" question? Regarding the path it would help if you could describe it a bit more: is it still obviously a path (used)? Are there trees right on the path (trees will not vanish in winter, right)?

(18 Oct '19, 07:33) aseerel4c26 ♦

It is quite a common problem and our walking group tend to take pruning shears and sticks so we can snip and bash brambles before path become impassable. I would add a note like this one. ( following comments this note has been resolved) I have added a note to the map data now. The note describes the under and over growth. Incidentally The Cambridgeshire County Council should clear dedicated paths in this area (rights or way in Cambs England) periodically but they have been starved of finance by national government and it's not considered a priority. I would NOT want to mark vegetation as a barrier, it's usually possible to get through, A barrier in the map data could reduce use even more and the path could get even more overgrown and impassable. I realise that you are talking of cycles but i have pushed or dragged my bike through some rough stuff in the past. Have you seen cyclo-cross.

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answered 18 Oct '19, 13:56

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I do not think the note as shown in the example is a good idea since notes are for mappers - not for end users. This note content is intended for end users. You can use the description key for descriptions intended for the end user.

(18 Oct '19, 17:24) aseerel4c26 ♦

I did know they are for map notes, but knowing that these obstructions are seasonal or may be cleared quickley i thought it was a reasonable solution.

(18 Oct '19, 19:00) andy mackey

Would you have been able to progress at a reasonable pace by foot if you didn't have to drag a bike behind you? If so, re-tagging the relevant section as highway=footway might be appropriate.

If it is effectively blocked, some sort of barrier=* on node placed on the way in roughly the correct location might be a useful way to tag that sectoin as unusable to routers, renderers etc. It may also be a good idea to leave a note=* or a fixme tag explaining why you have added this to future editors.

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answered 19 Oct '19, 18:22

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