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Hi. I have a problem with After getting on it, I get the message: Application error The OpenStreetMap server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request (HTTP 500)

Feel free to contact the OpenStreetMap community if your problem persists. Make a note of the exact URL / post data of your request.

This may be a problem in our Ruby On Rails code. 500 occurs with exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code). I tried to enter from different browsers, but the error occurs on each. What can I do?

asked 12 Oct '19, 12:23

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edited 14 Oct '19, 07:20

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Does the issue persist? I cannot reproduce it. Generally, I would report technical problems on Github.

(14 Oct '19, 07:19) TZorn

I have the same issue now with the Czech language version, English version is working fine.

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answered 05 Jun '20, 20:39

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I've created GitHub issue, since this thread is quite old:

(07 Jun '20, 20:55) kudlav

This is related to some error in Polish translation. It's fixed now.

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answered 14 Oct '19, 13:14

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