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Should be ways be drawn under the area representing pedestrian square?

I am the author and found my edit in Osmose.

asked 09 Oct '19, 10:23

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It should be noted that the Osmose error is fundamentally flawed in treating layer=-1 as being an object that's underground. That isn't what the tag means. It did find something that was a real issue in this case, but for the wrong reason. The real issue was two unconnected and crossing highways with different layer tags and neither with bridge or tunnel tags.

(11 Oct '19, 17:51) alester

Way 691454935 is tagged with layer=-1. It is on the same level as the pedestrian area, hence it should get the same layer tag. layer=-1 needs to be removed from this way and from other similar ways in this area.

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answered 09 Oct '19, 11:39

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According to the Wiki on Layers:

When editing, the layer=* tag is used to describe vertical relationships between crossing or overlapping elements, e.g. a bridge over a street.

So the pedestrian area and the ways should be on the same level as scai said. In other words, the layer keys should be removed.

Mapping is about modelling real life objects and their relations to each other. You shouldn't map to the renderer thus You shouldn't care about how the rendering engine will show the given way inside that area.

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answered 11 Oct '19, 00:02

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edited 11 Oct '19, 00:03

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