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I was updating OSM near my work (in New Zealand) when I came across public school buildings displayed as churches. All of them are cases of a church hiring a school hall/theatre for Sunday services, but the buildings are owned and used by public schools all the other days of the week.

The current display (as a church building) is unsatisfactory. What is the best way to tag the building so it is clear that it's a public school while still providing the info concerning religious services?

asked 08 Oct '19, 01:03

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In general, mark the location over the school hall with a node tagged as a place of worship with the appropriate service times. These are quite common, and in my experience usually have a permanent banner or other sign outside the school premises. More awkwardly, it can sometimes be difficult to identify which part of the school is used for religious services. I don't have specific examples because the 3 churches I'm most familiar with now have their own premises.

In general map the school grounds as amenity=school rather than the buildings, which, if purpose built, can be tagged building=school. I don't know that we have a specific tag for school hall, but one might be useful when these are used for multiple purposes outside of school hours (religious services, community activities, polling stations, sports activities etc).

(Aside: another problem are churches which meet on the premises of other churches. I acted as a warden of one such site many years ago where we had Seventh Day Adventists on Saturday afternoon, and Worldwide Church of God on Sunday afternoon, as well as our own meeting on Sunday morning.)

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Much appreciated. Doing that now.

(09 Oct '19, 01:55) kauri_maps

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