I have a related problem to map-recovery-from-another-account.

I created a UMAP ( m3_365901 ), but I can not access it anymore (it is not in My Maps). No other maintainer exists! I can read the map, but can not edit anymore.

How to regain access to the Map I created?



asked 02 Oct, 09:02

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@mvanwijnendaele I converted your question into a new one since you posted it as an answer to an existing one. Please always create new questions.

(02 Oct, 09:22) TZorn

Which of the solutions mentioned in the answers to the related question have you already tried?

(02 Oct, 09:24) TZorn

None of the solutions worked. No site maintainer exists since I created the map on my own.

I do not know how to download all the map information in order to upload them again to a new map.

(02 Oct, 13:11) mvanwijnendaele

Site maintainer refers to the uMap administrator(s).

(02 Oct, 13:15) scai ♦

Ok, thank you, how can we contact them?

(02 Oct, 13:21) mvanwijnendaele

For what it's worth I have created an issue on Github asking for a better handling of these issues that keep popping up here. Responding to raised issues is not a strength of umap developers and site admins, though (look at the long list of open issues).

(02 Oct, 14:58) TZorn
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https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/ has a link to https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap#Feedback_and_help which lists the project repository https://github.com/umap-project/umap/issues ("you can reach the developers there"). By looking at the commits you can see that user yohanboniface is very active. He has a mail address in his profile.

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answered 02 Oct, 14:12

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scai ♦
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I repeat what I answered in the linked question:

If you had the share functionality activated (share icon on the left hand panel) you could download the data (full map data), create a new map with your new account and import the data into that map.

Do you see the share button on the left hand panel?

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answered 02 Oct, 14:36

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No, I don't see the share button. I think I didn't have the share functionality activated.

(02 Oct, 15:05) mvanwijnendaele

Then I guess your only chance is getting someone from the site administrators / developers as scai suggested in his answer.

(02 Oct, 17:35) TZorn
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