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Way 217350619 is part of a riverbank. In the Go Maps IOS app, some of the parts are shown as “(way)” with no ID number, others as “Way” with the number. And there is blue shading on the north side of the river but the north edge of that shading is not bounded by anything. I don’t know whether this is due to bad data, to a bug in the app, or both.

asked 30 Sep '19, 20:31

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Happy Hobo
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I think you forgot to include a question.

(01 Oct '19, 07:52) InsertUser

Does this look OK? It does to me. You could ask the app supplier what the problem is.

(01 Oct '19, 18:03) andy mackey

I can't answer the way ID display differences. That would be better directed to the Go Map!! developers.

Regarding the shading being on the wrong side, often when editors don't have all the data necessary to properly render an object - like if you're only looking at a few ways in a relation - the editor needs to make a best guess based on the available information. In this case, it must be guessing wrong. If you download all of the objects in the relation, I expect the shading would be rendered on the correct side.

As far as the data, I downloaded the relation in JOSM and the data appears to be valid.

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answered 01 Oct '19, 18:04

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"ID" was referring to the primary key (identification) but I didn't know the column name. I didn't intend for it to be confused with the poor choice of names for that editor. :-). I guess adding "number" was insufficient to avoid the confusion.

The app maintainer suggested clearing the cache and looking again. Can't do that at this moment (iPad busy) but I will try it.

And I should have been clearer: the shading is on the correct side but also on part of the wrong side. (It does go up to a straight line with no OSM way forming that boundary.)

(01 Oct '19, 18:30) Happy Hobo

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