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I just completed my first planet download and seem to only have some issues with the labeling of North America. alt text

Canada is not labeled, the United States is only labeled in Alaska and the Hudson Bay is in the wrong location. I am using the carto osm style, version 4.22.

EDIT: Lake Ontario seems to also be missing, there is just a white blob where it is supposed to be.

asked 30 Sep '19, 14:55

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Its literally only North America with these issues, the rest of the planet is fine. Ontario is also missing its label but the rest of the provinces have theirs.

(01 Oct '19, 19:20) LakesKeegan

You need to explain what you are actually doing. Running a tile server off a osm2pgsql schema database? Did you import the full planet or just an extract etc.

(02 Oct '19, 11:06) SimonPoole ♦

I am running off of osm2pgsql. I imported the whole planet. I followed this tutorial:

(02 Oct '19, 14:24) LakesKeegan

First suggestion - look at your logs and see what errors occurred.

Another option would be having a look inside the relevant database tables to see what polygons have those names as a started. I suspect that Hudson Bay is from , so you should be able to see an object based on that relation number in one of the polygon tables.

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answered 05 Oct '19, 11:24

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SomeoneElse ♦
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The points all seem to be in the correct place, would that mean this is a style sheet issue?

(10 Oct '19, 21:35) LakesKeegan

@LakesKeegan my guess (if it isn't some sort of import error) is an "odd" Mapnik version, actually - but the most like answer is that "something went wrong with the import", and that something will likely be in the logs.

(11 Oct '19, 12:32) SomeoneElse ♦

What log files should I be looking at? Sorry, I am super new to this whole process.

Also - any reason that you're deliberately using a particular version of the stylesheet? Is that a "known good" version, or is there some other reason?

(11 Oct '19, 14:21) LakesKeegan

Firstly, all the output that you had from osm2pgsql.

Secondly, the "sudo journalctl -eu renderd" is supposed allow you to look for any errors associated with renderd in the log.

Is it worth perhaps trying a much smaller area first to see if the problem occurs there?

(11 Oct '19, 16:44) SomeoneElse ♦

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