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No luck with, so I am asking what is probably a very elementary question.

How can I download programmatically a GPS trace file which is available at

i.e. how can I do this with a script?

I presume the answer is somewhere in the API wiki documentation , but it's outside of my zone of familiarity (e.g. python or bash).

Note: I don't want to download bulk data, I simply want to be able to automate the download of, say, a dozen GPS trace files.

Edit: The reason of my failure was that I had made a mistake in constructing the URL...

For the record, the following python code snippet works just fine:
import requests from pathlib import Path url = "" path = Path.home()/'datasets' r = requests.get(url) with'wb') as f: f.write(r.content)

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Antoine C
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The top public trace at the moment just happens to be this one. On that page is a download link, which is If you get that (via e.g. "wget" or within your programming language of choice) I'd expect that you'll get that trace. I've just done this:


and what I get looks like a GPX file to me. You could do that as part of a script. Does this answer the question, or do you need to know how to find out the trace ID, or something else?

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answered 29 Sep '19, 17:08

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Yes that answers my question!

I was not able to do this in python using its requests package - don't know why. (It downloads an html file which somewhere says "File not found".)

To answer your question, I am fine finding trace id (in python using an html parser).

(29 Sep '19, 17:16) Antoine C

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