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I want to know that if it is possible to find out the coordinates of route between two positions. eg. if i have starting and ending position and osm suggests a path, but also provide the gps coordinates of route/waypoint.

asked 25 Sep '19, 13:13

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What you want is a routing engine. That's a server to which you send a start and end location, and get back a - textual or geometric - route description. There is free software to do that, e.g. "graphhopper" and "OSRM", so you can set up a server yourself. If you just need a few, and not thousands, of routes, you can use at or Note that there are many possible routes between two points, and these servers will usually try to find the fastest but can also be parameterised differently.

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answered 25 Sep '19, 13:51

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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I was able to use graphhopper and extract path coordinates, but can you guide me about how i can use these points to plot a path on google maps or any other engine using Python

(26 Sep '19, 05:56) vsaadnet

You could save the coordinates as a GeoJSON file and upload it to to make it visible.

(26 Sep '19, 07:26) Frederik Ramm ♦

thank you for your guidance, I just checked out how OSRM is actually working, One issue I am still facing is an updated and reliable source to follow, on how to setup my own server in ubuntu, can you help me with that?

(03 Oct '19, 07:47) vsaadnet

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