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OSM takes up the task for mapping the world on one platform. This is a challenge due to the scope but also regional variation. Levels of help required? Country standards: I live in Australia. Where do I find matters specific to Australia and where can they be discussed? State laws and regulations: Different states within a country have their own laws and regulations. Local government is another level. This autonomy shows up in OSM particularly in terms of permissions: who can do what. Where can this be discussed? Planning codes and zoning: This last one has got to do with how land is used over time which arises in OSM as life cycles. It commonly arises with the rezoning of land, release of land for public use, leases on land for grazing and private use (parking). There is often a considerable lag before satellite photos that are provided (years for some areas) so that the map can be out of date. There is community interest to see this on a map. This information is available on government websites and would be best made available to local mappers. Where can this be done?

asked 20 Sep '19, 04:01

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You have started discussing this on the talk-au mailing list, which is the right place for it.

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answered 20 Sep '19, 07:13

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Apart from the mailing list these things can be discussed in local user group meetings. The wiki page on Australia suggests some meetings have taken place in the past but it appears the groups are not that active any more. Maybe a chance to revive them?

Also a Slack group is mentioned on that page.

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answered 20 Sep '19, 08:15

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Thanks for your suggestions.

(21 Sep '19, 01:48) beginandend

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