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I am completing and correcting a map on a forest (mountain) whith several paths or pathnames missing. In fact gravel paths made for the woodcutters vehicles but perfect for mountain bikes.

Some of the paths have incorrect sections. For instance, when the path "A" joins the path "B". After the junction, the OSM plan says you are still on the path "A" but in fact you are now on the path "B".

It could be confusing if you come from the other side and you only find the road sings saying "A" and you don't find the "B" which is wrongly displayed on your map.

So far I'm pretty sure of what I should do, but the path "B" is part of a much much longer route traced across the mountain by other bikers. Am I allowed to touch their route or will I have plenty of people complaining that I broke their tourist's route ? I mean, do I risk that this route will be discontinued if I change some section of it?

Thank you for advice.

asked 15 Sep '19, 17:53

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It might be helpful to link to an example. If you don't want to link to real data, perhaps create some on the dev server to show the issue?

(15 Sep '19, 18:53) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks for the suggestion, here is my example. There was a path which I splitted. Now there are two paths: (name: "Chemin DuPasquier") (name: "Haut de Cerf") If I click on them I can see in the properties that they belong to a route: "rcn 56MTB Neuchatel Bike" (authors: 122 members). I just hope I did not break something splitting the 2 paths... The whole route can be seen on this site:

(16 Sep '19, 23:04) Ocirne

Splitting ways that are part of relations/routes is completely OK, and all modern editors will retain the relation/route membership.

If you have more questions about routes etc. I would suggest signing up to the Swiss mailing list and asking the Swiss community.

As you can see from!46.9344!6.798 there is actually something weird there, likely the branch shouldn't be in the relation.

permanent link

answered 17 Sep '19, 12:06

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edited 17 Sep '19, 12:09

Likely way 396034446 (Ch. de la Guerre) needs to be split at its junction with Ch. du Grand Pin and the Northern part has then to be removed from the trail's relation.

(17 Sep '19, 17:51) TZorn

Thank you SimonPoole and TZorn, I Understand. I made the problem appear with my change. As it appears now on the map, the way 396034446 (Ch. de la Guerre) is correct: I checked both ends of it and saw this name on a woodden sign. But of course the upper part must not be in the relation. I will try to split it and see if I succeed to remove this part of the relation without losing the real name.

(17 Sep '19, 19:50) Ocirne

It seems ok now. Made the change on the site, downloaded it in josm. I will check in a few time if the relation is correctly updated on the (edit: yes I had to wait only for a few minutes). Thanks again, I think I learnt something.

(17 Sep '19, 20:10) Ocirne

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