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I saw a proposal on Wiki that I am having trouble finding again. It suggested tag shop=thrift and someone commented “I think these are called charity shops.” Thrift doesn’t show up as a menu option in the Go Map editor. Is it safe to type it in the XML before submitting? I have one selling used items that I hesitate to call a charity because it isn’t a non-profit.

I have another that gets returns and overstocks (not used items) from big chains and resells cheap. What tag should that one get?

asked 14 Sep '19, 18:25

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After reading these to answers, I looked up and decided that is pretty close.

(15 Sep '19, 01:54) Happy Hobo

This is really two questions. I've therefore tried to answer them separately.

For the first example I would disagree with SimonPoole here, as I see variety stores as selling keenly priced new goods in a selected number of discrete categories. I've had a quick look on taginfo and there does not seem to be an obvious tag. In the UK the second hand market is completely dominated by charity shops, so tagging for-profit shops has not been very important. Historically these might have been called junk shops. A few do exist in my local area and are mainly tagged shop=recycling, but this is very much a 'placeholder' tag as most call themselves "Recycle Shop".

I wouldn't see shop=thrift as being out-of-place (there are 4 already), it's American English but I think a well understood meaning. shop=second_hand would be more explicit, but second_hand=yes is a more generic tag and may result in conflicts. A discussion on the tagging mailing list might produce a consensus for which tag to use in the future.

Summary: there does not appear to be a well-established tag for this type of shop, and a range of values have been used at the local level. I would avoid shop=variety or variety_store as this may change its existing meaning.

Your second kind of store probably sells in a given category such as clothes, and if so can be tagged exactly as any other clothes shop. The usual terms for such shops are outlet or factory stores. There are numerous shopping centres throughout Europe dedicated to such shops: e.g. Cheshire Oaks, Bicester Village, Clark's Village and numerous ones around Mendrisio (CH) such as Fox Town. I can't find a tag in use which delineates such shops from mainstream clothes shops. An old classic example would have been Filene's Basement.

If the store sells in multiple categories then I am in agreement with Simon's suggestion as the best fit. Again some additional tag would be useful.

Summary: either use the main category of goods sold (clothes, furniture, sports etc) or if a range of goods in different categories then use variety_store.

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answered 14 Sep '19, 22:41

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shop=second_hand seems to be quite common and used for the typical "Brockenhaus". It just wasn't quite clear if there were really two different questions (variety_store fits well to "Otto's and the like).

(14 Sep '19, 23:49) SimonPoole ♦

I used variety_store for both, but not happy with it for the first, because there is a big difference between Dollar General and Becca’s Bargains. “Junk” is distasteful, because it gives the impression Becca is selling the stuff that she actually throws away. I’ll look at second hand and recycling. Thanks.

For the second, it might fit OK. No clothing, but no particular category of other things. Ventilation fan, power inverter, ornamental lighting, kitchen items, …. So maybe I’ll leave that one “variety.” “Outlet” doesn’t really work, because they get their stock from retail stores, things they don’t want to sell.

(15 Sep '19, 01:47) Happy Hobo
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answered 14 Sep '19, 19:13

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I already stated why it is not a charity.

(15 Sep '19, 01:49) Happy Hobo

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