I didnt find any tag for a tomb seller. Do someone know appropriate tagging?

asked 05 Sep '19, 18:58

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It might help to explain in a bit more detail what you mean. Burial customs vary hugely around the world. An equivalent in the UK would be shop=funeral_directors, but they don't sell a "tomb" - the arrange everything associated with a funeral (incuding a graveyard plot).

Is this the sort of thing you mean, or are you thinking of something else?

(05 Sep '19, 19:05) SomeoneElse ♦

The shop i mean just sells tombs nothing else, its common in Germany, shop=funeral_directors is "Bestatter" I think.

(05 Sep '19, 19:33) GiantG

I guess you mean a place making gravestones (Grabmale). You could use craft=stonemason for that. Maybe qualify it with stonemason=gravestones (to the native speakers: what's the best BE term?).

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answered 05 Sep '19, 21:22

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Yeah thats right, I thought it would mean the same. I will tag it like this, thanks for the help. What do you mean with BE term?

(06 Sep '19, 16:29) GiantG

BE = British English, language of OSM. I'm not sure what is most common: gravestone, tombstone, headstone, ...?

(06 Sep '19, 16:47) TZorn

craft=stonemason does get used for this sort of thing, for example here.
I've used shop=gravestone for that sort of thing to distinguish it from an actual stonemason such as here.

(06 Sep '19, 17:31) SomeoneElse ♦

The normal term in en-gb for this craft is monumental mason.

(06 Sep '19, 21:56) SK53 ♦

As these guys usually not just sell the stones but customize them (engrave names and dates and such) I would prefer craft over shop.

(06 Sep '19, 23:58) TZorn
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