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Hello dear Community, actually i installed a MapServer by a instruction. My Server Details might be more than enough:

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2640 RAM: 40 GB SSD: TB

I changed some settings into postgres.conf to set up more performance. I got some 404 Errors when i zoom in in different areas. Weirdly when i zoom in into the Area where to start the View everything works fine. But if i go elsewhere i got 404 Error when i zoom in.

Hope you can give me some support so that i can fix the Issue

Best Regards


asked 05 Sep '19, 08:58

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I think for you to get appropriate answers instead of CPU details it would be more helpful to tell what instructions you followed, what software you are using, how you are accessing the tiles and what you are trying to achieve.

(05 Sep '19, 09:25) TZorn

I followed the instruction by The Software I use is Bionic Beaver. Everything i configured is using by created osm user. As first id like to handle the 404 Error so that i get renderd tiles of my request.

(05 Sep '19, 10:20) Tomatentheo

It is likely that the mod_tile in your apache server cannot contact the rendering server, or that the rendering server cannot render tiles. The reasons for this can be many (disk space issue, file permission issue, postgresql not running, renderd not running, syntax error in style file, renderer cannot connect to database, ...). You will likely find answers in the error.log of your apache server, and/or the syslog file. It might also be helpful to start renderd in foreground mode so that you can follow exactly what it does (or tries to do, or fails to do) when you request a tile.

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answered 05 Sep '19, 09:21

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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One mod_tile.conf which lies into Apache2 folder loads the Module by a absoulte path. The Path /usr/lib/apache2/modules is set by user and group root.Same is with the renderd.conf which is called by absolute path with root user/group. The User osm has a folder mod_tile too but here are the user and group to set by osm. But it might be not necessary because everything is configured by the instruction. error.log: [mpm_event:notice]AH... Apache/2.4.29(Ubuntu) OpenSSL/1.1.1 configured -- resuming normal operations (sounds like ok)

Which File permissions should be set? Postgres is running renderd running.Which style File do you mean? If the RendererAcc cant connect to DB you shouldnt get any picture? If i run the render in foregroud the renderer can load everything.<mapnik log=""> send everytime warnings out and when i scroll into map the Debugger writes: START TILE ajt 9 264-271 176-183, new metatile Rendering project coordinates 9 264 176 -> 626172.135713|5635549.221413 1252344.2771425|6261721.357125 to a 8 x 8 tile *Connections often very fast closed. at the end of the Debugger: DEBUG: DONE TILE ajt 9 272-279 176-183 in 231.804 seconds debug: Creating and writing a metatile

(05 Sep '19, 14:21) Tomatentheo

If there was something wrong with the rendering then Apache/mod_tile would serve the already existing tiles, but not create new tiles. If you see "DONE TILE ..." messages in your log file then that is not the case though. Double-check that renderd is actually adding new files to /var/lib/mod_tile when it does that (and not elsewhere). Double-check that the Apache user has read access to all files in /var/lib/mod_tile. Also ensure that the ModTileMissingRequestTimeout in your Apache config is set to a reasonably high value, try 60 to begin with. Do the 404 errors happen immediately or after some time? Does the "START TILE..." happen immediately after you try to load a tile?

(05 Sep '19, 15:10) Frederik Ramm ♦

Hello Frederik, sorry for that i am late back, even seen you answered. How do i check, that new tiles were added to ajt?The folder structure ist /var/lib/mod_tile/ajt/... . */ajt has 755 by osm:osm Level 0-16 are created. I set up the ModTileMissingRequestTimout up to 60. The 404 Error does happen immediatly. Do i need to restart the renderer everytime again when i reload the Apache?

(06 Sep '19, 08:21) Tomatentheo

Since i changed the ModTileMissingRequestTimeout the Server runs much slower and ther Error will be shown ca 15 seconds later. A 304 error will be printed for some Requests. That is a syptom that the renderer does works right?

(06 Sep '19, 09:52) Tomatentheo

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