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Someone has put my garden path on your map and I have edit the route and removed it but the data is still there. this has become a problem as my son has almost be run over twice after people think they can drive to the view point. What can I do to remove the path and stop anyone replacing it on your system?

As your data is used by other app companies is confusing users into thinking there is both a road and route to the view point in my garden.

asked 01 Sep '19, 08:53

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Can you point me to your garden on OSM? I have searched "Rudha Mor" in OSM and found one on Lewis and one in Nova Scotia, neither with an obvious garden or viewpoint in the vicinity. Is your garden path a public right of way, just not accessible by car, or is it a fully private path that neither pedestrians nor motorists are supposed to use? You are welcome to email if you prefer not to have this conversation in public.

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answered 01 Sep '19, 10:33

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I have deleted the walk from your maps but is there any way i can keep others from adding it back on I'm in Plockton and my garden is not public right of way or accessible by car even though people are now trying since its be on your mapping service. My son has almost been run over twice this year by people using a map app map me which get there data from you. Im just trying to keep my family safe in their own home.

(01 Sep '19, 17:17) liliassgarde...

Ok, I see. The deletion you have made is visible here: - you have deleted a walk that is several kilometres long. This walk seems to be documented at where it says: "Welcome to Rudha Mor, Plockton where you can enjoy the lovely Scottish private garden and woodland walk which has kindly been opened to the public by it’s owner. Over the years it has become a popular place to walk for locals and tourists alike." -- Are you saying that this is false, and the walk is not accessible to the public any more? Because as long as that web site invites people to walk there, they will, and they will add the walk to OSM.


(01 Sep '19, 17:43) Frederik Ramm ♦

I can see that in addition to the actual walk, which is marked as a "path" in OSM and hence will not be shown as suitable for motorists, you have also deleted a service road that was mapped as "access=private" and hence will on all sensible maps and routing services also have been discouraged for motorists' use (yes, it is possible that a careless app would simply direct motorists along any kind of service road, whether tagged as private access or not, but that is something we need to take up with the app provider!)

I think that deleting the whole walk was a too drastic option, as has been pointed out to you already in - the walk will have to be reinstated. If the data is not on OSM at all, then anybody can and will add it in (the service road is clearly visible on aerial imagery, and even on old Ordnance Survey maps we are allowed to use for OSM). It is better if the data is there in OSM and clearly marked with appropriate access restrictions.

(01 Sep '19, 17:48) Frederik Ramm ♦

Yes we have a website to show the walk and are data is not shared with any app that are getting the data wrong from this site and people are driving up on to the property dew the data on this site. This is the problem we encourage people to enjoy the walk on foot as we have made it open to all but dew to this walk being on this site my son was nearly run over twice so far this year. If this continues to happen we will be faced to close the walk to everyone! Which I do not want to do.

As for Ordnance Survey maps they have agreed that our garden path should not be on the map and even the track will be taken off in this Septembers up date.

The data shared on this site is being missed used and therefore we would like the site to stop anyone add the path to the site why we invest into a more permeant solution. We don't want to stop people who respect the garden as a free and open path. But we don't want people trying to drive to the view point leaving rubbish and walking anywhere they see fit damaging the habits we look after.

As soon as we have a solution that works for both the family living looking after this amazing walk we will quite happy put the route back on myself.

(01 Sep '19, 20:48) liliassgarde...

Iv all so closed the walk on the site till this is resolved

(01 Sep '19, 20:55) liliassgarde...

Unless the DWG have something special up their sleeves, there's not much that can be done to prevent something from being re-added. Tagging the way as access=no should discourage most navigation software.

If it is a path as you describe and not suitable for vehicles there are vehicle specific access tags that can be used and the way should be tagged as either a footway or path rather than a road or track.

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answered 01 Sep '19, 11:24

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