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Hi everyone... since more than 3 weeks I am trying to create a simple world map (in osm.pbf or o5m format) which contains borders, major cities and rivers (including their names) and countries (including their names). I don´t need buildings, streets etc.

I have downloaded planet-latest.osm.pbf from and used osmfilter to filter out the things I need. But this is where I am failing. There are hundreds of tags with "name" "city" "waterway" etc. Some in capital letters, some not.

I am using Linux. Doing "osmfilter planet-latest.o5m --keep="cities names waterway" -o=planet-filtered.o5m" creates a huge file with I think unnecessary data and in now way looking like it should be.

Anybody able providing the steps necessary to create a simple world map in o5m format? The map should pretty much look like this: except for that all names should either be in English or German.

asked 24 Aug '19, 16:13

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I wrote a diary entry around doing this sort of thing here. The requirement there was very much to use modified boundaries created from OSM data. If that's not a requirement (and it sounds like it isn't in your case) then as Frederik says, something based on Natural Earth data might be the best way to go.

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answered 01 Sep '19, 12:20

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OpenStreetMap is the wrong data set for that because our data is so detailed. For a map like the one you want, you do not need the coastline of Norway in all its beautiful detail, nor the detailed boundary between any two countries.

It would be much easier for you if you could find a way to use, say, the data set (which comes in the form of shape files, not osm or o5m. What is your use case?

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answered 24 Aug '19, 17:42

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I want to run an offline map server and want to be able to feed my GPS position into it. Then I want to add a hundreds of custom markers which will be placed at major airports. These markers contain custom information about this airport which need to be quickly accessible in case of an inflight emergency. There are market solutions for that, unfortunately I am not able to modify the displayed data. I found a script on Github which sets up a tileserver (using o5m or osm.pbf files). Adding the markers is no problem.I am not an expert my knowledge is pretty restricted and that seems momentarily the only way for me to make that happen. I don´t know if I will be able to use GPS data using only files from, which by the way I haven´t been able to load into tile server as the server accepts only the previous mentioned formats. The server script I am using can be found here: There is another server which I am experimenting with ( but it runs in a docker and I am not able to feed my GPS position into it and to add markers. So I am pretty much stuck to the OSM approach...

(24 Aug '19, 18:43) Likonaus

All the solutions you are looking at are geared towards working with OSM data, but your application is not something that calls for OSM data in the first place. You could use a simple map server powered by MapServer or Geoserver; it is quite possible that the whole concept of using a tile server isn't even right for your use case and a simple WMS would be good enough. Adding markers can be done server-side or client-side. If client-side, then you'd deal with it through the Leaflet or OpenLayers libraries which use your tile or WMS server, and the adding-markers-and-using-your-GPS-position question is totally independent of what map backend you use.

If you do want to continue down the OSM route, which I would not recommend, then you should use pre-processed coastline data from and use the osmium (recommended) or osmosis or osmfilter tools to extract boundary relations (boundary=administrative), rivers (waterway=river), and large place nodes (place=city) - but even these reduced data sets will be much larger than what you get from where everything is already boiled down to what you need for a map of your scale.

(25 Aug '19, 09:16) Frederik Ramm ♦

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