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In the summer of 2018, we conducted a project called Assets and Threats mapping under the Ramani Huria project in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that aims to make Dar es Salaam a more flood-resilient city. In this project, we focused on the assets/amenities in the city that are important to the community and are at risk of flooding or not.

After collecting all the information, we decided we should upload them in OSM to be shared with the world since it was a successful project to some extent. The challenge came when we could not upload these data since there is no specific tag to use for amenities or AoIs affected by floods, the only tag that we could find is flood_prone=yes but this is mostly applicable to “roads/ways" that go underwater after heavy rains.

  1. Is there any other tag that can be used for points under flooding threat or can we use another tag?
  2. Our initial thought was to create a new tag i.e. asset:risk=yes and asset:risk=no or we could overcome this challenge by having one tag that is used by the entire OSM community to identify ways, areas, or points that are prone to floods

asked 20 Aug '19, 09:04

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Imma Mwanja
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Hi Imma,

flood_prone=yes could be used. As taginfo shows this tag has been used over 6600 times on an amenity of some kind (only 2800 times on highways actually).

For a more detailed discussion on benefits of a separate/new tag I would suggest you take this question to the tagging mailing list. There are more people listening in who might have some valuable suggestions.

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answered 20 Aug '19, 10:15

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hello, TZorn thank you for your reply. I followed your suggestion and took my question to the tagging mailing list and like you, they think that flood_prone=yes is the right tag

(31 Aug '19, 18:09) Imma Mwanja

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