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Hi, I want to create a global electricity transmission and distribution map. It works well with the overpass turbo for smaller countries like Austria with the code type:way & (power=line | power=cable | power=minor_line) in Germany. Unfortunately,if I do it with Germany, a runtime error occurs after 25 seconds saying "runtime error: Query timed out in "query" at line 12 after 26 seconds." indicating that it´s too big and there´s not enough processing time.
Can anybody help me to also load the power line network for bigger countries? best regards, Philipp

asked 08 Aug '19, 23:17

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While you can increase the timeout (change [timeout:25] to something larger), that will only help a bit as the problem with larger countries is that they are larger and queries will take longer to the point that they will always fail.

You could try to use a dedicated extract service, for example:

Or download "raw" OSM data and filter it to contain objects that you are interested in and then split it in to regions (or the other ways around). You probably will also need to convert OSM data to a format that actually has instantiated geometries, for example GeoJSON.

Download sites:

Tools: osmium tool, osmfilter and many more

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answered 09 Aug '19, 11:24

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