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Hi. I live in Alford, in the UK county of Lincolnshire. Facebook's page, which uses OSM data, lists us wrongly in Norfolk. I've tried to 'Report a problem with the map' a bunch of times but no luck. OSM appears to have us correctly shown in Lincolnshire. Any ideas at all? I can't get anyone at Facebook to own the problem (big surprise). Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Mike

asked 02 Aug '19, 16:09

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Facebook use OSM data for some functions (the display of some overlay and some detail maps). Other functions (including search, and from what you're suggesting also including geocoding) don't use OSM data and therefore no-one at OSM can help with this.

It doesn't surprise me that you've not been able to resolve things using Facebook's reporting mechanisms. My experience (I'm a member of OSM's Data Working Group) is that lots of Facebook users have similar issues- we have had lots of reports along similar lines.

From an OSM perspective, I'd suggest trying the geocoding tools on OSM's website including "where am I" and see if they make the same mistake. If they do, comment here and someone will be able to investigate.

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answered 02 Aug '19, 16:24

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