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Tile generation is extremely slow for all of USA at least:

However, the .DE version (German style) works great and fast.

Questions: Why does this issue occur? Is there any estimations of when it will be back to normal speed? Any ideas of how to use this map on my application without it being slow? I use Leaflet.

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asked 01 Aug '19, 18:52

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Please keep in mind that there is a tile usage policy if you want to use them in an app.

(06 Aug '19, 04:22) escada

Have been experiencing the same problem in any app or website or even when using classic OSM tiles. Other styles render instantly, but classic takes forever to load if ever at all.

(05 Sep '19, 16:53) MxxCon

Looks OK for me at the moment. You can ask such questions here:

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answered 05 Aug '19, 16:58

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A comment: In my country (El Salvador) we have the same problem and it has slowed our application (EO Web). Date = Aug-14-19

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answered 14 Aug '19, 18:22

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Tiles are optimised for delivery on and not for third-party applications. It's very possible that if you're using OSM in your own app, it will be slow. There are lots of other alternative tile providers using OSM data.

(14 Aug '19, 20:17) Richard ♦

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