Baseball softball fields (pitches) often have an area where the players who are not on the field often just fenced with a roof to keep the sun off.

Often they are incorrectly marked as "Buildings"

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In OSM terms, a roof (even a shoddy one) probably is a building.

You can specifically tag them as building=roof. It would also be fine to add a tag like baseball=dugout, though nothing is likely to make much use of that.

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wouldn't roof=basebase_dugout (or simply dugout if those places are named the same in other sports such as football/soccer) be better than baseball=dugout ?

(02 Aug '19, 04:12) escada

Mapping a dugout's roof as building=roof seems fine. But unless the entire dugout area is covered by the roof, only the roofed part can reasonably mapped as a building, and therefore, the dugout and roof aren't the same object. (Instead, the roof is part of the dugout, as are any fences and other physical objects used to construct it.)

(02 Aug '19, 10:09) Tordanik

Another option in some cases could be amenity=shelter, especially if it has multiple walls.

(Tag-wise it seems there may be some overlap between amenity=shelter and building=roof)

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answered 02 Aug '19, 16:31

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Tagging it as amenity=shelter seems less than ideal because these aren't publicly accessible. It's not much of an "amenity" if people looking for shelter will not be able to find it there.

(06 Aug '19, 15:15) Tordanik

this is a image this hardly qualifies as a "building" its in some cases there isn't a "roof" well there might be "chain link fence" on top to protect people from stray balls, many times there isn't any speciffic floor either just fenced in area.

is a fenced picnic table a building? I've seen places where there are Electrical Transformers fenced which are also marked as buildings is a bus stop or train stop that is just fenced a building?

sorry I'm just confused to me the word building is made with walls a roof including a protection from wind and rain for example

does the tag building also include fenced pedestrian ways, via ducts, over passes ect.

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Yeah, if there is no roof then it isn't a building=roof. If there is a roof then it probably is a building=roof (there's not a lot of tags for such things, and there probably doesn't need to be).

baseball=dugout would of course still apply to the areas that are just fenced.

(04 Aug '19, 22:36) maxerickson

amenity=shelter ; shelter_type=dugout has been used 79 times according to taginfo Since dugouts exists in other sports as well, I do not like baseball=dugout (as stated above)

(06 Aug '19, 04:25) escada

In US usage, dugout really only applies to baseball and softball. Other sports just say the sideline or bench or whatever.

It's also physically sort of unique, where there is usually some protection from the action on the field. Compare to football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc, where there are just some markings and a bench.

(07 Aug '19, 14:36) maxerickson

So... What tags should be used for baseball dugouts (without regard to whether they are buildings) and Shouldn't it somehow be tagged similarly to Football (soccer) "Technical Area", "basketball bench", Hockey, American Football, Cricket etc.

To my thinking if there is only a "roof" overhead covering that is impermeable to water and permanent (no tarpaulin, canvas etc. ) then I would remove "building" completely.

Also I have discovered some sport pitch (field) have "Goals" which are marked "building" that also doesn't make sense to me

(If this isn't the place I should be bringing this up - please kindly redirect me to the people who are involved in discerning what tag should be applied since there are lots of inconsistencies in how the tags are used. often different tags are used for the same exact thing (not meaning additional or more specific vs general))

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Please don't use answers to make comments, it disrupts the thread.

(05 Aug '19, 13:15) SK53 ♦
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