I am tagging Public Rights of Way in Essex using iD Editor, using the key:prow_ref

When I start to type in an associated value, I type in a few letters and am prompted with the name of a Parish.

Sometimes, the Parish name I am typing is recognised, and I don't habe to type in the remaining letters.

Sometimes it isn't, which means I have to type in the entire Parish name.

So my question is, what controls the names of the Parishes offered to me?

Or to put the question another way, how can I add Beaumont Cum Moze FP 3 to the prompt list?

asked 31 Jul '19, 22:08

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The discussion on this issue on the iD gitub repository indicates that autocomplete for the general tag editor uses taginfo to provide tags already in use.

The values tab for the prow_ref key gives this list when filtered for 'Beaumont':

  • Beaumont␣Cum␣Moze␣FP␣8
  • Beaumont␣Cum␣Moze␣FP␣15
  • Beaumont␣Cum␣Moze␣FP␣26
  • Beaumont␣Cum␣Moze␣FP␣10
  • Beaumont␣Cum␣Moze␣FP␣19

If they are using the main taginfo instance the suggestion for your parish should appear in the next daily update after your first example is saved to OSM.

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answered 02 Aug '19, 17:28

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